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Hyundai Sonata Engine

2013 Hyundai Sonata.

Smoke and smell coming from engine. Got an oil change recently, and the problem started right after that. Vehicle is running fine, just smoky and smells. Help…

First guess is that they poured oil on the engine and now it is getting hot and evaporating. Since it seems like this was an oil change done poorly, you should check the oil now.

On a similar note, these engines are under a recall and prone to throwing a rod. So make sure you have all oil change receipts/etc. Preferably do the oil change at the dealer. I do my own, but have all receipts and an excel spreadsheet.

Have you checked the engine oil level? That should be your first step.

Next is inspect the underside to see if there are any oil leaks due to a loose drain plug, double gasketed oil filter, etc.

Thanks for the response. Will check today.