Hyundai Santa Fe rolls backwards on inclines

I just purchased a 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe limited and, when I stop on an incline, the car starts rolling backward if I take my foot off the brake. My former cars never did this. I wonder if this is a design flaw or it is just this car.

MANY new cars with automatic transmissions (I’m assuming your car has an automatic) do this. There is nothing wrong with the car, nor is it a design flaw. New transmissions produce very little drag at engine idle. This saves gasoline, but allows the vehicle to roll back slightly on a incline, just like a manual-transmission vehicle.

I suspect this is the reason hill-holders are becoming so popular these days.

My ten-year-old automatic won’t drift, but my two-year-old automatic will.

its called creep mode and most are going away from this system,its when 2 brakes are on at once,in the trans.

2 brakes on in an auto trans is not a good thing when driving,but its a nice system,the only ones i know of that still employ that system is mitsubishi,and high line vehicles

I am having the same problem with my Scion 2008 xb. If I accept that all the newer cars are dropping back as you say - should it not at least be consistant? My cars automatic is one that is a combined transmission in that I can go into a semi manual mode if needed. My car will drop back sometimes only an inch or two on what I think is a small incline (20 degrees or so} and sometimes as much as a full car length if I don’t put on the brake. The dealer says the ones on the lot that the service manager drove drop back about 2 feet (which I think is very dangerous because you will hit the guy behind you…} _ Is there any safety agency that cares about this kind of thing??? I never thought about driving it on inclines when I test drove it because no one bothered to tell me the newer cars are actually less user friendly on inclines than the older ones or more expensive ones.