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Drifting in Reverse

When my 2009 Ford Escape is pointed forward on a hill and in reverse it drifts forward, instead of holding its ground. Is this a problem with the transmission?

Presumably this is an automatic transmission. See this recent thread:

I’m also pretty sure if you check your owner’s manual, it says not to use the transmission to hold the car on a hill like this. I’m not sure if that’s just a safety thing, but I’d still hold the car with the brake in these situations if I were you.

Yes, it is an automatic transmission. I have always had manual transmissions or older model automatics; it just felt really “loose” in reverse on the forward facing hill (about 5% incline). The vehicle does not roll on a more gradual incline.

This is normal for new transmissions. Use your brake whenever the vehicle is in gear.

This is normal behavior for many newer cars with automatics. Less drag = greater fuel efficiency. The brakes should hold the vehicle stationary, not the transmission.