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My car keeps rolling back on a hill when on drive shift. Is this normal?

auto trans 2008 toyota corolla .My car keeps rolling back on a hill when i depress the brake on drive shift. Is this normal?

Your post is unclear.
Do you have an automatic transmission? I assume yes.
Do you mean that you have the transmission in drive? I assume so.
Do you mean that when facing up a hill and you take your foot off the gas pedal, but don’t yet have the brake fully depressed, the car rolls back some?
If so, the answer is “Yes, that’s normal.”

Yes. Newer cars will drift backward on a hill when their automatic transmissions are in “drive.” If your foot is on the brake pedal the car should not drift in either direction.

Cars can do this. It depends on how steep the hill is and what kind of car it is. The only thing that should concern you is if this characteristic changes somehow. For example, if your car used to hold position on a particular sloped intersection and it no longer does.