Hyundai Elantra Makes Grinding Noise When Accelerating and Sometimes at Lower Speeds

My 2007 Hyundai Elantra SE (Automatic, 69,400 miles) makes a grinding noise when I start to accelerate from 40 mph. I sometimes hear a noise that sounds like an airplane wheel being activated when I’m driving at lower speeds driving around town. Could this be the transmission? Who should I take the car to?

Does turning or pressing the brake pedal affect it at all? Can you isolate it to a side and front or rear?
It could be a wheel bearing, if you hear it on one side (it is unlikely both sides’ wheel bearing gave out at the very same time although it happens).

No, Turning or pressing the brake pedal doesn’t seem to affect it . The sound seems to come out of the right side when accelerating.

Take it to an independent, non-chain store mechanic.
Click on “Mechanics Files” at the top of this page to look for one.

Any work done under the hood recently? My 2000 Blazer had the same symptoms after the intake manifold gasket was replaced. I traced the noise to the accelerator cable, it was not properly secured after the repair. Two tie wraps later, no more grinding noise. It’s a long shot, but worth a look.

Ed B.

I had a radiator flush in the summer. A few more details. I hear an electronic sort of noise at lower speeds…as if it’s the gears shifting. I still have the louder sound…like a horse huffing when accelerating. I will look to take the car to an independent mechanic. The dealers charge way to much and take forever.

I found a good garage close enough to me (good review) so I’ll have them check it out. Thanks.


Among the items to have that mechanic check are the CV joints, as the symptoms that you describe could be the result of failing CV joints.

Torn boots on the joints could have allowed dirt and grit to contaminate the CV joints, and could have allowed excess wear to take place–even though your Hyundai has less than 70k miles on the odometer.