Hyundai maintenance

My granddaughter, a college student with limited funds, has a Hyundai. She needs to change the transmission fluid because of the maintenance schedule. If she goes to a reputable mechanic instead of the dealership to have the work done, will the warranty be voided if the Hyundai brand transmission fuel isn’t used?

No, the warranty will not be voided, as long as your daughter keeps the receipt and maintains records demonstrating that the required maintenance work was done on schedule. I don’t think Hyundai has its own brand of transmission fluid. The owner’s manual, which your daughter should read, will answer this question.

Thanks for your input. The dealership insists that they have to do the job to maintain the warranty, but we weren’t sure if that was really true or if they were just trying to take advantage of an older lady and a young girl.

Well, Hyundai requires the Diamond SpII ATF which is what Mitsubishi s and Kia s use. They trannies are pretty picky on the type of fluid used. If the shop tells you they will use Dexron and an additive it won’t work. So you will have to buy the fluid at the closest Hyundai/Kia or Mitsu dealership-the price is really variable, and WATCH it being poured in the tranny-also keep the receipts. This is not only for the warranty but also for the tranny to function properly even after the warranty.

The dealership is lying about the warranty . Federal law says that you need evidence that the required work was done to keep your warranty valid . A receipt from a reputable mechanic is evidence .