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2014 Hyundai Elantra GT - New Engine?

Hi all,

So I bought a 2014 Hyundai Elantra GT (70,000 miles now) in November 2015 for 17k total (low, young credit – I know).

It’s been a 2-3 wrecks. But anyway, it’s been relatively painless upkeep. However, the engine died 2 days ago and took it back to dealership. At first we tough it may have been the alternator…

So dealership said it would be a $360 tear-down and would have a Warranty Inspector come see if it was the car’s fault or the maintenance fee. If it was car fault, the $360 would be waived and car would be fixed.

But if it was maintenance’s fault, the Engine / Total labor cost would be $4,500 total. I almost fell of my chair. The dealership service rep said he’d take off labor cost and we’d “work something out” if we come across that bridge.

I told him… my car’s cost is like $~7,000… I might as well have trade in. He said we could definitely work something out.

When I tried to start the engine (via key), it did a rapid click click click. They said it might be the battery dead… but now it’s engine? He also mentioned there was some slush in engine (??).

The battery dead was told to me by the tow truck guy who graciously helped me troubleshoot. The engine was told me to by my dealership.

What do I do… Thank you for your help.

I’m not at all clear about what happened to this car. You say the engine “died”? What does that mean, specifically?

In any case, the first thing you need to determine is what’s wrong with the car. Dealership service departments, in general, tend to throw out “serious” diagnoses with huge price tags. They’re not always wrong… but they are in the business of “scaring” you into ideally buying another car. Unless the car is still within warranty somehow, which is also unclear to me.

After you determine (one way or another) what’s actually wrong with the car… assuming it’s not something cheap/simple… you need to ask yourself if this car still meets your needs. Is it paid off, or do you still owe on it for a few years? Get some estimates for the repair work (preferably from an independent mechanic), and go from there.

Don’t let the dealer scare you with high priced repairs and vague diagnoses. They want to sell you a new Elantra on the lot.

Good luck.

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There are so many things here that just are not clear enough to give this person advice. 2 or 3 wrecks ? most people would know how many - young with poor credit - Possible sludge issues ( not slush ) that Hyundai may help with but can’t be determined until after inspection.
If they do take it in for trade this person is going to be really upside down. If they do trade I hope they find the cheapest new vehicle on the lot and try to pay it off as soon as they can.

You have a warranty on a 4 year old vehicle?
If possible, have your car evaluated elsewhere first.
What does the dealer suspect is wrong?

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When I was driving, the engine was on but the pedals would not work. It died on me on the spot when I was driving. The gas pedal stopped. The break barely worked.

I still owe $7000 on the car… Thank you for your help.

I saw 2-3 because one of those was my fault and one was not. One t bone accident and the rest were fender bender and oncoming lane change (SUV onto me).

Sorry for unclear advice.

I will admit it was my first car purchase and I needed a car asap. The dealer thinks that the Engine needs to be replaced and will be sending a Warranty Inspection to look at to see if it was the maintenance upkeep’s fault (or lack thereof) or if it’s the car’s.

I have a warranty on a 4 year old vehicle? Is that not right?

I interpret this as: the engine stalled (died) while driving. When this happens, the throttle will not work, and you will soon lose power brakes, but the brakes will continue to operate, just takes more force.

Let us know if this is correct?

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Yep. That’s pretty much what happened. When I tried to re-start the car via key… all I heard was a click click click.

Sludge in the engine usually means lack of maintenance, how many miles and oil changes since you purchased the car?

A) You bought the car almost three years ago, you should know if you have kept up the maintenance.
B) When did you last replace the battery? Click, click could just be a dead battery. How did you get it to the dealer?
C) As far as warranty, yes, come to think of it, your engine/drive train should still be under warranty IF it has been maintained as required.
This is why vehicles, IMHO, under warranty should have maintenance performed by the dealer.

  1. Right
  2. Towed it there.
  3. Correct. This is my fault as my fault alone.

Not as many as I’d like. It got serviced a few months ago by Firestone but that’s about it.

Then you will be paying $360 labor for the shop to disassemble part of the engine for the warranty inspector to view the engine, make a report and the warranty company will deny the repair.

You may have to pay to have a used engine installed.

Hyundai/Kia factory limited warranty is 60 months/60,000 miles. At 70,000 miles? No. Their 120 months/100,000 mile power train warranty is only valid for the original owner. Again no.