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Hyundai air bags

My wife lost control of the 2001 Hyndai 300 XGS while parking - ran into a building - air bag light came on.

Body shop did not have code and referred me to dealer. Expected repair to be covered by collision insurance. Dealer indicated problem was caused by corrosion in the seat belt wires under the seat - cost to repair

$160.00 plus.

Asked for documentation of problem - service manager said it was a common problem with this model but he had no documentation or

proof of his comment. Became agitated. I had checked internet, found there was a recall for air bag problems in 2002 - he indicated it did not apply to my car.

My reaction was that corrosion under a seat inside the car seemed strange. Is there a history of this problem that you know about?

Ken Herwat

The thing I find odd is that the air bag light came on at the time of a front end collision but the cause of the air bag light turning on was a failure of the airbag system to pass a self test program(corrosion).

Since a self test is done upon every key on sequence, how did the problem stay hidden until a front end impact?

Your concern now is having to pay for a corrosion issue when you think the accident caused the air bag light.

Did you have the problem repaired? Any chance a second Technican can look at the corrosion or is all evidenve destroyed?

The self test system of the air bag should say exactly why the light is on,can you have the module scanned and pull history codes?

I suspect the collision may have been just enough to cause the already corroded connection to fail.

Corroded connections are a fairly common problem point for air bags.