2007 Sonata Air Bag light is on (The one in the instrument cluster)

I have a 2007 Hyundai Sonata that has the “Air Bag” light (Red indicator in the instrument panel). This is not the amber indicator for the passenger side air bag sensor. There is also an error code “B1706-Passenger Buckle Pretensioner Voltage High”. Is this the “Female” part of the passenger side seatbelt buckle (i.e. the part that is attached to the left side of the seat)? Most of what I’ve seen on the web is referencing that part. Am I on the right track?

Apparently there are lots of complaints with the NTSB over your issue. I would have assumed that it would be covered by warranty. It seems that Hyundai is charginging to fix it. I would file a complaint with the NTSB. Maybe they will force a recall.

The NTSB should issue a recall because it is a safety issue. However, sometimes the wheels on Gov’t turn slow. I’d get an estimate just to get it on paper dated, then sit back and wait.


I’ll go against the grain

Get it fixed now. Do not wait. What if you file a complaint, and get in an accident tomorrow with somebody sitting in the passenger seat? Then the etr won’t work. The supplemental restraint system is designed to use the airbags in conjunction with the etr

Okay now that I’ve heard opinions on what I should do. Can someone answer my question please?


The answer is yes

Your on the right track and it’s a dealer parts item. I’ve seen $600 to $800 dollars for the repair.

The dealer is the only one that will take care of this. No one else will touch it. Liability can be huge if you try and do it yourself, especially since you need to ask here what to do. So just get it fixed, suck it up, save the receipt and if they ever recall it, you can get your money back.

An independent shop could do the repair

But . . . they will buy the part from the dealer

And they will mark up the cost of the part. That is standard procedure

Other than disarming the airbags and removing the front seat, this doesn’t appear to be rocket science to repair (Yes, I am very good with tools and auto repair). Am I wrong?

I don’t think the seatbelt costs $600-800 so I would say you are not on the right track.

No experience with this type of repair, but if I were going to attempt such a thing on my own — and I’m not recommending this, having a dealership or experienced shop is the best and safest way – I’d definitely secure a copy of the manufacturer’s recommended procedure from the factory service manual and make sure I understand all that is involved before wrenching any bolts.

Will the “Air Bag” light turn off one the problem is repaired?

Repairing it should solve the light problem.


Well, I replaced the passenger side front seat belt buckle. Now the airbag light goes off after the instrument cluster self test but it turns back on. I don’t know what the error is. Anyone have any ideas. I’m taking the car to the dealer Tuesday ;-(

Good move.
You need to know the fault code to begin to diagnose this problem. It’ll be a “B” code (body code).

Took it to the dealer. They scanned it and simply found that B1706 will not clear automatically when you replace the passenger side seat belt buckle. Because of the nature of the code it HAS to be cleared. They cleared it and it looks as though the new seat belt buckle solved the problem.

DIY repairs on stuff like this, you just wind up digging the hole deeper, especially if you don’t have the FACTORY repair manual that covers the 'bag system…Guesswork does not work very well when the parts involved are expensive and can not be returned…

How much did they charge to clear the code? Thanks for letting us know you got it fixed.