Hyundai Accent Transmission question

I purchased a 2009 Hyundai Accent Automatic with less than 50000 Miles. I recently had to replace spark plug connector due to rats. Now, having issues with getting it to drive in the mornings.
I let the car warm up about 2 minutes before putting it in drive. Once I let my foot off of the brake the car begins to jolt forward and won’t stop until I put my foot back on the brake. Even while holding the brake the car jolts but won’t go forward. I have to put the car back in Park before it will stop. This goes on for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then, as if there were never any problems, the car drives as it is supposed to.
*I have turned the car off and restarted but the car still jolts forward until it decides not to.
I have checked the transmission fluid and it doesn’t appear dirty but maybe low. Would low transmission fluid level cause this type of behavior? I am on a budget and a huge transmission bill is not really something I can afford right now. But I need to be able to get to work everyday. Please help, I can’t imagine that the transmission is going up when the car has less than 50000 miles on it. I’ve had it since the middle of January. Thanks!

Yes, low transmission fluid can cause a problem like this.

If the fluid is low this means there is a leak or the trans has been serviced in the past and someone did not add the proper amount during the refill.

You can’t really eyeball transmission fluid and determine condition.

Lastly, driving around with a low transmission fluid level can cause damage to the transmission internals with slippage in the clutch packs and so on. This can lead to a short trans life.
My suggestion is get the trans serviced immediately and say a silent prayer while it’s being serviced.

Thank you so much! I have been concerned with what I was doing to the car by driving it, but wasn’t sure anyone believed what I was saying because they didn’t see it for themselves. I am not mechanically inclined. (Had to look up how to check transmission fluid lol) How do you add transmission fluid? Or is that even possible? I’d like to see if this can curb the problem until I can get the car in the shop on Thursday.

Fluid can be add through the opening that holds the dipstick. A small funnel will be needed and be sure to use the correct transmission fluid.
If you have a shop lined up to do the trans service they may well top the fluid off for you free of charge as a PR gesture. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

Thank you again!