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2007 Hyundai Accent rpms jump when I stop

When my car is stopped but still turned on, the rpm’s jump and the engine does a jerk feeling. I took it to FireStone and $117.86 later it is still doing it. Anyone have an idea of what it might be?

Dumb 2 questions - What did Firestone do and have you talked to them about not solving your problem. ?


Was the check engine light ever on?

Lemme guess what Firestone did for that $117… they scanned it for error codes, found none and gave you your car back and said they didn’t find anything, right? That’s all you get for $117 these days.

OK, this is a different person obviously , but I am have the same exact problem.

“No” the engine light is not on. Also no error codes at all. 50,000 miles and started month ago. Was at a stop light and actually thought someone rear ended me. So proceeded and watched to see if they pull over of course no. So figured it was in my head. lol All fluid are good to go and the 2nd time happened was on freeway going 75. scary when starts jerking. No one knows of course… & doesn’t happen when they drive. Starting to happen more frequently usually if I don’t have O/D off it will happen sometimes going into forth gear and when it starts the O/D now starts flashing as well but at being it didn"t flash. Like its trying to think or something. I mainly drive city street 10 miles or less here and there. Anyhow I am gonna change fluid today to see if anything in is pan. fingers crossed. otherwise I think of just getting new transmission instead bill here and there. just do it. Had one done a beep beep get done right the first time. NEVER AGAIN never was fix correctly. That was on my last car. That being said now 2 cars transmission I must be doing something wrong. Last car as well 55,000. I do have a problem trusting car shops do to fact I get ripped. Any suggestion before I fork out the money, I live in Yorba Linda CA. And anyone know about auto zones transmissions? Do they hold up at least. Thanks there is lots of ?s on internet about 2007 accent and jerking blah blah but cant find answers after 10 years I would think someone would figure it out. Dealership told me there was no trans filter wow cant wait to take mine in to show them there is lol. thanks again

I took my car to a different shop. It was a spark plug misfiring. He took all of the spark plugs out and they looked fine, till one broke completely in half. I then went back to Firestone and got my money back.

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The check engine light was never on, but I won’t be taking my car there again.

Interesting I did as well had spark plugs changed but still having problem. Thanks for responding and Good Luck to you

The problem with the idle might be due to a faulty Idle Speed Stabilizer,2007,accent,1.6l+l4,1433545,fuel+&+air,idle+speed+stabilizer,6088


does this apply as well when its start high 3-4 rmp or going 65 plus mph is when it happens and od flashes on off by itself. only first time it happened a stop light or first time i noticed. Would a error code come up on scan if its the idle speed stabilizer? thanks

If you’re driving at 65 MPH you’re not stopped. So the Idle Speed Stabilizer doesn’t apply.

If the OD light is flashing, it indicates a problem with the transmission.

A Check Engine wouldn’t necessarily come on. Because it’s an engine control device. Not an emission control device.


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Glad you got your money back.

thank you for your reply. Going to change filter and fluid well whatever comes out of pan that is. Kinda excited to see if and chunks or metal shaving are in pan. I being a woman keep getting nickle and dime and no one so far has even suggested change fluid and filter out. I don.t have problem paying just want honesty. anyhow nervous that I’m gonna screw it up better me then them lol. Its my 2nd time doing so but last time just drained due to dealership said I didn’t have a filter only screen. Wrong so it will be first time taking pan off. So weird how out of blue will start the jerking I can drive on freeway for hour before it could start sometime it only 5 minutes. i don’t get it. so far they have changed spark plugs oil filter and oil and some kind of camshaft sensor and direct ignition coil going to use max life full synthetic ATF Valvoline its what i used last time wonder many its the fluid? THANKS SO MUCH 4 UR TIME.

Automatic transmissions can be very fluid-specific to work correctly and last long. Use only the fluid recommended in the owners manual for your car. It may or may not be only available from a Hyundai dealer. If you post the manual’s description, someone here may know if there is a non-Hyundai equivalent.

Thank you for your response. Yes, I did cross reference to my manual. My transmission pan was very clean nothing in it at all, no odor, color was pinkish and feels smooth. Guess gonna have to spend the 250 for complete diagnostic at Hyundai. Again thanks for reply.

You don’t take a 2007 vehicle to a dealer for a repair. Just find a decently rated independent shop they usually charge about 125.00 to diagnose and might even waive the fee if they get to do the work.