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I have a 2004 Hyundai Accent. We tried to change the oil today. Accidently drained the transmission fluid instead of the oil. (then added 3.5 quarts of oil to the engine). driving the car of the ramp and into its parking place we checked the oil and found it very high. Trying to get the car back on the ramps, the car wouldn’t move in any gear. WE then realized our mistake and filled up the tranmission fluid, and actually changed the oil. My question is did I do any serious damage to the transmission? We drove probably 30 ft, with No or Very little transmission fluid.

Well, considering you drove it off the ramps then the trans went completely dead, you probably didn’t do any damage to the friction elements. Refill it and you should be fine.


Probably more damage to your ego than anything, BUT make sure you use Hyundai specified ATF. If you have used anything else, then do a few drain and refills to replace it.

Looking in the Manual I see a couple very technical approved brands. If I can’t find them in the store, how much damage will I do If I use a general brand to get home (a couple hundred miles)?

There’s no way I’d drive that far on a possibly wrong fluid, but I’m no expert.

If there is any doubt, get the stuff from Hyundai, change it before you leave. The cost and risk of a transmission repair is far more than buying the ATF from a dealer. If this is Diamond SP III, then it is available from Hyundair, Kia and Mitsubishi dealers, as I recall.

Thank you!