Hyundai Accent 2000 Shuts off when gets to working temperature

At the beginning it did it at a mid temp. After a couple of minutes would restart and then no problem until the next day. Now it works perfectly until it reaches normal working temperature (the gauge a little below the medium point). Then it shuts off and it doesn?t start until it cools down (15 to 20 min). And it does it again and again so basically the car is unusable.

My mechanic says is a short circuit between the computer and sensors and expects a bill over 700 dollars, which is impossible for me right now.

Any suggestions? Ideas?

Thanks a lot in advance.


Try another mechanic?

What has he done for diagnostics at this point?

Shutting down with heat is generally a sign of an ignition component going bad, however my search said to go to the choke thermostat first.

You may want to pick up a manual for this one. A $20 Haynes manual should suffice.

Thanks a lot, I?ll try that.