2006 Hyundai Accent - Shuts off and won't restart

Car starts seemingly all is fine. My grand daughter drives it. As she is driving it, the car will then just cut out/turn off & not start. It occurs regularly but intermittently. We had it towed last night to our home. I get up today, go out to the car & it starts. Looking for issues others may have had in parallel with what I described

Peter , the vehicle is 15 years old so there could be many reasons why you have this problem . If the CEL is on the codes might help the solution . Frankly I would not let the granddaughter drive this thing until it is fixed . If you are not going to repair it then a trusted shop should look at it .

Thank you.

If there is no check engine light… then a failing crankshaft position sensor may be the issue. Usually a cheap repair.

Or it could be a failing fuel pump. If it is 15 years old with over 100K miles, might be a good idea to replace it anyway.


It appears that the crankshaft position sensor was the culprit !