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Hyuandai Sonata 2003, front wheels dont move

Car is a 2003 Sonata FWD automatic. I changed the brake and rotors on my wifes car and she drove for about 2 miles. Now the car doesnt move in D or R. It reves to about 2K rpm when in gear. I pulled both calipers and rotors out and it still does not spin. The car was in neutral with the ignition on and parking break off. The parking light is on. Anything helps.

With the wheels on the car, lift the front end and put it on jack stands. ( Put the parking brake on and chock a back wheel before lifting the front) Put the transmission in neutral and try and rotate each front wheel by hand. If you can turn them observe if the axle is also turning. Report back, and we’ll have further suggestions.

If, by parking light, you mean the parking brake light, your parking brake is stuck on and locking the read wheels. Why would you expect the front axles to spin if the car was in neutral?

The wheels turn about a quarter inch, the same as when the calipers are off, i see the axel turning the same. I also remove the positive cable from the battery for 2 min and tried it again with no progress

Then you have a transmission issue. Have it towed to an independent mechanic.

Will a transmission problem cause a parking brake light on?

The rear wheels spin freely. Yes i mean the parking break.

No. The parking brake operates on the rear wheels, the transmission is connected to the front wheels.

That’s in neutral?

In any gear