Front wheels not spinning when jacked up?

Was replacing front rotors and pads on a 2013 Versa Sedan and noticed wheels were not spinning when car was jacked up. The rotors and pads were off and wheels/hubs were still not spinning. Put wheels back on not spinning. I thought maybe from having Jack on the lower arms had something to do with it, I just jacked up from pinch welds and both wheels still will not spin. It’s like they are locked up. The car drives.

This a front wheel drive car. When the transmission is in park, the front wheels, which are the drive wheels for the car, will not move. This should not be a surprise.


Every other fwd car I’ve had the front wheels always spin when lifted. I’ve seen repair videos on the versa and the wheels spin when lifted.

Do you have both front wheels off the ground at the same time?


My Versa sedan has a manual transmission so of course the wheels don’t turn when jacked up and in neutral. If yours is an automatic and in drive with the engine running the wheels should spin with one or both front wheels off the ground.

Is there any rotational movement at all, or 100% locked even with the calipers off??
What happens when put into any other gear selection than Park??

Has the transmission has ever been replaced??

No experience w/that particular car, but if the trans is in N, the front wheels should manually spin as long as both are free to spin; i.e both are off the ground. Manually spinning one however may cause the other to spin in the opposite direction. I’m presuming your Nissan is equipped with their CVT, so maybe something to do with that as well.

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If the Versa drives normally, I bet your expectations are incorrect regarding what should spin, OP.

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