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Has anyone seen the ads for using electricity to create hydrogen from water and have your car use it along with the gas to get better mileage? Comments-bogus-or is any part of that legit.

Where have you been in the last two years?

It was proven bogus back then!


100% bogus, this used to come up a lot more when gas prices were higher. No parts are legit, some of the promoters are known (as in indicted) scammers.


Congrats on being wise enough to ask the experts here. Think of all the poor saps who believed this scam and wasted their money.

This question – and these scams – pop up in little flurries. In the past the flurries were, indeed, linked to gas prices. I wonder if we are now seing a “leading indicator”.

I used to work for a company that made benchtop hydrogen generators for laboratory use. Seperating the hydrogen and the oxygen in water is not as easy as it sounds, and it takes more power than you’d recover.

Besides, can you spell Hindenburg?

It’s a scam. One of many.

If you believe this hype, I have ocean-front property in Arizona to sell you

If it took less energy to separate hydrogen from oxygen than you’d recover when you recombined them, we would have to repeal the first law of thermodynamics. That’s about as likely as being able to build a road that’s downhill in both directions.

But didn’t people in the olden days walk UPhill both ways to school, through 12 feet of snow, through a cactus patch, barefoot, carrying their siblings on their back? :stuck_out_tongue:
If that can happen, so can building a downhill road in both directions. XD

And I own a large bridge connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan, which I would be glad to sell to you.
Honest, I really own it.
Would I lie?