Hydrogen supplement as a fuel source


I am interested in adding a conversion kit so I can run both gas and hydro in my 1997 dodge ram truck

would like opinions about the average cost I should expect to pay for a kit and if there is one out there that is proven and safe

I have a 5.2 v8


If by “hydro” you mean one of those water-for-gas devices that purports to convert the water into hydrogen to burn as fuel, the consensus here is that they are scams. For examples take a look at http://community.cartalk.com/jforum.page?module=search&action=search&clean=1&search_keywords=hydrogen+water+hho&search_terms=all&search_forum=&sort_by=time&sort_dir=DESC&x=0&y=0 , or use the site’s Search function to look for “water for gas” or “water for fuel” or things like that.


Where do you figure you’ll get the hydrogen from?


Well if you happen to have a source of hydrogen cheap, it is a possibility to use it, but there are no viable kits to do the conversion, which would need a very large tank (larger than your trunk area) and you would likely pay more for the hydrogen than for the equivalent amount of gasoline.

On the other hand if you are thinking of getting your hydrogen from electrolysis, it is going to take more energy to separate the hydrogen from the oxygen than you would get back from burning it.

Don’t pay any attention to any of the fuel from water SCAMS.


There is no working kit. There are a great many false, phony, fake, bogus products. Choose the cheapest.


The only thing that will be supplemented is the bank account of the company foisting these scams off on the public.