Hydrogen kits

is anyone out there actually having any luck with these hydrogen fuel kits you see on the net???/do they work ??/what are the drawbacks??? would anyone like to share their experiences please???

Oh boy, are you in luck. Go to the “General Discussion” section and read all about it. Look for DCX Conversions. They have the blueprints!

I just wonder why they posted a day early.

They only work for the Spammers selling them, unless you have found a way to change the laws of physics.

Think about it. If someone told you that you could fly if you just put a loop of rope beneath each foot, and then pulled up on the ropes really hard, would you believe them?

Hydrogen kits are the thermodynamic equivalent of pulling up on your own feet.

Search the web. Many folks (including me) have taken the time to explain in detail why these kits cannot possibly work.

is anyone out there actually having any luck with these hydrogen fuel kits you see on the net???

No one here is that stupid.

I installed one of these kits on an old Ford F-150. It went from 12 MPG to 128 MPG! Not only that, but the exhaust gasses smell like roses and effectively treat asthma. I just wish I could find a way to treat my asthma without burning my lips on the hot exhaust pipes. Then all my problems would be solved.

I was wrong…JUST KIDDING Whitey.

The hydrogen fuel kits do a great job of making money for the scammer that sells them. The only drawback is that they don’t work.

No one here as bought and tested one so you could say we are not qualified to make a apprasial. Take this job upon yourself buy it, install it, and get back with us.

Well…Popular Mechanics did install and tested one, found no difference whatsoever, so I will strongly recommend that no one support the near-criminal activities of these scammers by buying anything from them.