Hydrogen Generators

We keep getting a lot of inquires about these devices. Most of us know that it’s just a scam. Well I was watching a Dateline last night and they actually tested one. Here’s a link to an Article from Dateline.


They brought a Honda Accord to a mechanic who is certified by the company selling these devices to install them. Before they had it installed they had the car checked out by a certified mechanic and got it tested to determine what it’s gas mileage was. It was 24 city and 34 highway.

Then they brought it to his mechanic and paid him $1900 for the device and install it. When they picked the car up a few days later the mechanic told them that his test showed him it was now getting 96mpg…YES 96. This is all on camera. Another claim was that it drastically reduced tailpipe emissions.

They then took it back to the EPA for testing not once but twice. Their readings…34mpg…and 0% reduction of tailpipe emissions. They then ran the same test the mechanic supposedly ran…and again only got about 34mpg.

There is ONE guy who is promoting this product and all the ads you see are dealers to this guy (I forgot his name).

This guy has spent time in jail and sued in several states for other scams of his. One was a perpetual motion machine. His latest gimmick he’s selling is a NEW Catalytic converter that he claims will increase gas mileage by 50%.

Why they can’t stop this guy and send him to jail for the rest of his life is beyond me.

Great post, Mike, backs up everything we’ve been saying. And I particularly like how it exposes this guy for the bald faced lier he is. Priceless!

p.s.- this also eliminates all the ‘how do you know unless you try it’ BS. No one could do a better test. It failed, period.

Guys like this will always be around as long as there are suckers who don’t bother to get a clue about how the world around them works.

“When you believe in things that you don’t understand, then you suffer…”

Stevie Wonder

how do you ‘stickie’ in this forum. this needs to be an ‘auto response’ to anyone who asks this question about browns gas, hydrogen or OO2 generators. something automatic and easy. is this possible?

Wish it was. I’ve put it in my ‘favorites’.

It isn’t possible with the software they use in this forum.

I posted the link on another HHO discussion, and, surprise surprise, an HHO booster/scammer claims the test was faulty, ‘too many variables’, lots of other BS. There is no convincing a scammer…

A while ago I looked at one of those HHO promotion sites. In there were several people who said that they HATE CONTROLLED TESTS. Saying that Controlled tests are NOT the way to do science. And everyone applauded. I thought I was on a Rush Limbaugh site.

Thanks for posting this Mike!

How does that old saying go- “there is none so blind as he who will not see”.

We can only hope this helps to stem the number of inquiries here and those that would be taken by this scam. However, it may be like trying to convince someone that their religion is false.

I was particularly glad to see one of my prior points prominently highlighted. Some things do not even pass the high level stink test. When I pointed out that the volume of gas produced was a minute fraction of the engine’s total demand, all I heard were crickets chirping in the background…


Reminds me of high-end audiophiles.

There is no shortage of people hoping for the best but unable, or unwilling, to figure out the scam. Look at all the smart folks taken by Madoff.

It was amazing the people who got scammed by this product. Some were Doctors, Lawyers. I was raised by my Dad to be skeptical of EVERYTHING…And it served me well.

book smarts =/= “street” smarts

Some of the dumbest people can be those who are lawyers or doctors when it comes to things outside their field of work