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Hydrogen Generators

Are these generators effective in increasing gas mileage? Anyone have experience installing subject generators or information relating to the installation of same?


These things are just another scam, designed to get your money, and nothing more. Don’t fall for the phony "science’ behind this scheme. It’s all BOGUS.


While we could go into painful detail about all the technical reasons these hydrogen generators are absolute BS, all you need to do is look two places: First, if these simple things worked (two wires, a bottle, and a hose, basically), you’d think WalMart, Target, Autozone, etc. would be selling them by the millions. Second, if they worked, every big user of cars (taxi companies, police depts., city depts, the Post Office, FedEx, UPS, the list is endless) would be BUYING them by the millions. NEITHER IS HAPPENING! Doesn’t that tell you something?

Your engines intake requirements are measured in cubic feet a minute. These generators produce cubic inches an hour…The energy it takes to create the hydrogen is more than is released from the hydrogen when it’s burned…

Absolute scam, BS,etc…