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Actual Results Info Request, Hydrogen & Fitch Fuel Catalyst

Can anyone provide info on actual results and experience from using a hydrogen generator kit or Fitch Fuel Catalyst on their vehicle? The type of vehicle and engine size would be appreciated.

It’s the Scam of the Month Club! No, I don’t have personal experience with either, but I am aware that NO device of this type has ever been shown to be of benefit. I reviewed the Fitch web site, just another one of those ‘in line catalyst’ scams. Actual modification of gasoline is not easy, and requires much more than some metal in a cylinder. Save your money!


I would be to embarassed to post actual results

converting your car to hydrogen? costly. But there are several great hydrogen cars available to buy. If I had money I’d get one in a second. The equivalent of 95 mpg - can’t pass that up. And there ARE hydrogen fueling stations around, they aren’t just well advertised. Ironically, you can get it at your local oil refinery!! And you might have to go overseas to get some of the better cars because they are way ahead of the USA on this. Good luck.

None of the posters on this board are dumb enough to fall for this scam.
You want actual “testimonials”; you’ll have to go onto the websites that peddle this stuff.

You’ll find all kinds of people talking about how their Ford 1 ton dually now gets 35 MPG or their Honda is getting 80 MPG, etc.

Fifty years already and still going. It works as well now as it did then. The original one worked whether it was on the engine or in the box, or even in the garage.

Would you believe someone who told you they had a product that could help you live to 300 years old in great health and all you had to do was to take the pill they will sell to you? I think not. The fact is the pill get you to live 300 years is more believable. You just can’t violate the laws of physics.