Hydrogen fuel kits


Do they work? Which is the best one to buy? Does it effect the running of my F150 pickup? Any drawbacks?


One drawback - they’re a complete waste of money! Do they make hydrogen? yes, you can too with a battery and two wires. Do they save gas? No, even if the power they take from the engine was 100% efficient in making hydrogen, you only get about 20% of the power back when you burn the hydrogen, the other 80% is lost to heat, either through the radiator or out the exaust pipe. Save your money.


They are completely worthless and might even mess up your engine. Avoid!


Here’s a list of devices that don’t work:


I’ll have Spam and eggs and Spam, Spam, Spam…


Everything about that scam, we did in high-school physics class and believe me, it has not gotten any better. It works but it takes more energy than it gives back. Always has always will.