Hydrogen fuel for common inernal combustion engine


Years and years ago, when I was just a kid, I remember reading an article in Popular Science (or maybe it was Popular Mechanics) that mentioned a hydrogen powered vehicle at M.I.T. At the time of the article, the vehicle had been running five years, and by now, it would have been running about 30 years. My question is: since Tom (or Ray?) went to M.I.T. how is it you never heard of the hydrogen powered vehicle? The interesting thing about this vehicle was that it used a slightly modified standard internal combustion engine to ‘burn’ the hydrogen. No exotic fuel cells or hy-cost hybrid technology. Aside: why is the action of splitting H2O into hydrogen and oxygen, and the process of permanently removing unwanted hair both called ‘electrolysis’???




electro-: using electricity

-lysis: The process of breaking down; decomposition.

Electrolysis: Decomposition of a substance using electricity; in this case, water.


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