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Huyndai no start

I have a 2001 Hyundai Accent-1.6 L. In the last 3 years it has developed an intermittent no start. It will crank but no fire. I have taken it to the dealer (towed) they have replaced the TPS 2 times. It still has the problem. The clues to the problem are as follows-it almost always starts the first start of the day (but not always). It occurs mostly after running to full temp-then sitting for a few minutes. I discovered that if I shoot a bit of starting fluid in the air inlet-it will fire right up. I think it is a component that controls fuel mixture that is failing-on this engine what component would that be? Thanks-AL

The component that controls the fuel mixture is a computer, the Engine Control Module (ECM), and it would be expensive to replace.

If the problem is engine temperature related perhaps the coolant temperature sender is faulty. A temp sender is much less expensive than an engine control module.

Try the simple things first.

There may be two problems: the cold start, and the hot start.
WHEN do you use the starting fluid? Cold start? Hot restart?

I have to use the starting fluid to get it going-BOTH- cold or hot. This morning it would not start after sitting all nite. That only occurs about 10% of the time. The MOST frequent senario is: I can drive it for a while-then shut it off to go into a store-or let it sit for a couple hours-then it won’t start. If you try repeatedly, trying-waiting-trying again-it will usually eventually start. But not til the battery is almost cranked out. I can hear the fuel pump cycle when I turn the key on-so I dont think it’s that. Thanks.

Your bit of troubleshooting, with the starting fluid, shortened the problem by half; though, it’s still good size.
You’re right, the focus on the problem will be in the fuel department.
When the engine doesn’t start, place a finger tip on each fuel injector. Can you feel it click? There are, also, testers (called “'NOID” lights) which you place in a fuel injector’s disconnected wiring connector. If the 'noid flashes while the engine is cranking, that shows that the fuel injector is getting a signal to spray fuel into the engine.
Ideally (practically(?)), I would like to connect a fuel pressure test gauge to ensure that the fuel pressure is adequate for starting.

Apparently there is no drive to the fuel injectors when the key is in the “start” position, but the injectors work in the “run” position. Otherwise it would just cough and sputter from the starter fluid and its very approximate fuel/air ratio.

I suspect the start signal line that goes from the ignition switch to the ECM. This wire also goes to the starter solenoid, but that branch seems OK.

I think one of you has hit upon what might be the problem. I do believe that after I spray the starting fluid in-it doesn’t start until i release the key from the start position (as I recall) I will pay more attention the next time. But if that is so-how do I fix the problem?-Thanks

I’m still having this problem-getting more frequent now-I’m stumped and frustrated-Anybody heard any new ideas?-Thanks

Has anyone checked the wiring diagram for a line from the “start” wire of the ignition switch to the engine computer?

I still think it’s in that circuit or the computer itself.

FIXED!-I cleaned all of the sensor connectors-maf,map,cam, crankshaft,etc. with electrical cleaner-then put dielectric grease on them when I put them back together. It starts and runs like new-Thanks for the help-AL