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2005 Accent wont start when engine is cold

I posted this earlier but decided to report since the symptoms are now different.

The problem I am having is when the engine is cold it will not start. I can push start it and it will fire. Once I have drove it and the engine temp has gotten up I can shut it off and leave it for a couple of hours come back and it fires right up. If I leave it for 3 or 4 hours and come back the car will not start I have to push start it again. If I spray a little starter fluid in it it will try to fire but will not start except on 2 occasions where the starter fluid started the car.

Any ideas?


Check the engine Coolant Temperature Sensor and its wiring up to the ECM. I would be looking for a very low resistance or short on the CTS or its wiring.

Hope this helps.

I’d have the fuel pressure checked. Since the car will either try to start or start with the starting fluid it sounds like either the fuel pump is weak not getting enough gas to the engine to stat it or the fuel system is leaking down the pressure after sitting for a long while.

As seemed to become clear in your original post ( it seems likely that you have a fuel delivery problem - probably where the system empties out & loses pressure after sitting a while.

Try this: turn the key to on, but not to where it cranks - just where the dash lights come on. Wait a few seconds and turn it back off - on - off - on etc. Do that about 7-8 times and then turn the key.

If that gets it to start reliably then the problem is with the fuel pump.