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Please help with a car that wont start

I have a 2005 Hyndai Accent. When it started getting really cold the car began to have issues starting. I turn the key and it tries to start. The battery is fine. I thought it might be something in the fuel line so I had the car towed to the local garage and they said they put the car in the garage and it fired right up. After that the car was fine for a couple weeks. Superbown Sunday after the game I went to get it in and it would not start. On a hunch I went got a bottle of heet put it in and it started right up. It was fine until I refilled the tank then it refused to start so I put more heet in it and it started. I did this once more and it worked. One night after work it wouldnt start so I put heet in it and it would not start. I messed with it for about 2 hours finally I was able to push it down a hill pop the clutch and it started. I took it back to the shop it was in there for 3 days and they were unable to reproduce the problem. Since then everytime it is cold it refuses to start I have to push start it every time. Luckily this is still working. I am fed up I dont know what to do with it. Everytime I take it to the shop and they cant reproduce the problem it costs me money and im sick of it. Can someone please suggest something to me.

I think the heet is just coincidence. Try some starting fluid next time it fails and tell us the results,

Where do you put starting fluid in at on a 05 accent?

you spray some into the air fuel intake. do not spray too much, a spray for a few seconds should be enough. it is very flammable.

I keep reading if you spray starting fluid into a fuel injected car you can do more damage then good…

Well, that sort of depends on how much you spray in there. Just find an easy access vacuum port near the throttle body, or pull the main intake snorkel off of the throttle body, spray in there for 2-3 seconds & turn the key. That won’t hurt anything. If that gets it to fire up even for a few seconds then you do have to worry about the fuel system.

The other thing to have handy is a spark tester. When it won’t start, hook it up. If you lack spark then you know to troubleshoot spark delivery.

This at least cuts the search down.

Did you change any fuel filters??

No. I took it to the shop they said they couldn’t find anything wrong with it. They checked the fuel pump.

I sprayed it in the air intake it jumped a little but that was it.

I think Peacefrog is on the right track. The element in the fuel filter will absorb water. It could be freezing enough to restrict the flow of fuel. Of, in a nice warm shop, it unfreezes and lets the fuel pass. I know that fuel filters are getting expensive these days but it might be worth the cost in this case.

The heat should have taken some of the water out, it is also possible that a change in gas stations is in order here. You might also have some water in the bottom of your gas tank by now.

The jumped a little bit part means that you likely have a fuel delivery problem.

Well the cold idea is out the window. The last 2 days its been nice out side. Still having the problem.

I worked on a Accent that had a failure to restart after a short rest, i.e. after filling up or going into a store. I narrowed the problem down to a spark timing problem. Cleaning the connectors for the Crank Position Sensor and the Cam Position Sensor cleared the problem and it has not returned.

This is WAG in your case but it is easy to try and hopefully it will work.