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Husband who tried to cover up damaging his wife's car

This is with regard to the Stump the Chumps recently in which the guys called up the woman whose husband had scraped her car, tried to cover it up, and then wouldn’t pay for the repair because “it’s her car so she really was hitting her own car so it’s not his fault.”

I can’t get over this one. Guys–husbands!–what’s YOUR take on this one?

You should post this question on -The Show- site. My take…not willing to take responsibility for actions…wonder what else he keeps a secret!

Exactly, what other secrets is he keeping?

By dissing all men, you lose credibility. Some people, like the man you don’t like, are lousy people. Your generalization about men puts you in a bad light, too.

jt (wish we had private mail available for this),

I don’t think he is dissing all men – only the one in the story. Maybe you mis-read the original post.

I didn’t hear the show. Can you briefly tell the story?

You should watch the show called “Home Improvement” with Tim Allen. It can be found in re-runs…

Great episode where Tim wrecked his wifes car and tried to cover it up…Basically he dropped a 20’ steal I-Beam on the car…“Funny…”""

(I almost never hear the Show, but I did hear the beginning of follow-up to the story, when Tom and Ray called back to see how it worked out.)

Wife notices long scrape and smear of white paint on her car. Husband comments, “nobody ever leaves a note.” A few days later, wife notices that mirror on husband’s car is exact match in height and color to the scrape on her car (and maybe had some corresponding damage??). Husband confesses that he did it, but says that she is the actual owner of both cars, it’s like she was hurting herself.

That’s when Tom and Ray started talking to the husband, and when I turned it off. I deal with enough jerks in my real life that I don’t have to listen them on the radio.

Vehicle ownership is irrelevant. He did the damage, he should have “manned up”. And he should have done so up front when the damage happened.

But I’m reluctant to judge anyone based on one side’s description of a single incident. His story might sound different than hers. Perhaps the discussion on teh show itself disclosed something not in this thread.

I may have misread it. And I think that Kettir is a woman.

It was funny. Until I realized that he crushed a 1955 Nomad. Well, not really, but that was the story line. At the time I thought that even a cherry 1955 Nomad would be chump change for a popular show like Tool Time, and wasn’t sure that they used a beat-up '55 2-door wagon instead.