Honey And Chocolate Countinued 1/30/08

The father and mother said the detailing would cost nearly $600 at the Mini Dealer and they wouldn’t touch the sunroof because of some liability or insurance reasons? Whatever the case maybe he said he was going to clean the car by himself tomorrow and said all the parts and his own labor would cost around $250 dollars. I am wondering since he obviously will not allow me to help what supplies should i reccommend he use to get the job done right and so that I have no further problems. FYI the sunroof opened the day we put the honey and chocolate on it. She waited no later than an hour to open the sunroof and it worked perfectly but she let it set and it got stuck. Does it really need a brand new sunroof?

I don’t think it needs a new sunroof. The prank was thoughtless; but, I don’t think that it was with malicious intent. I am wondering about the intent of “father and mother”. I think they are being petty, vengeful, and malicious. I can’t believe that all of the claimed damaged has been done. It’s easy enough to find someone who will charge megabucks to “correct” some small blemish. I would be tempted to say, “Go ahead, and take me to small (petty) claims court”.

You do realize that prankster teen was vandalizing someone’s car (probably in their driveway) at 3AM. A 3 month old car that now may have defects that affect the value of the car (car’s depreciate the most when almost brand new and especially with blemishes at that point). Perhaps society would be better off when we make sure our kids know that if they are gonna play, they gotta pay. If I was prankster teens parent, my support would be 100% behind the victim’s parents and not only would they have to pay the original $600.00. but they would be doing some shoveling this winter. I had a boy steal a $2.00 item from a store. Ask him if he would do it again.


I am wondering about the intent of “father and mother”. I think they are being petty, vengeful, and malicious.

If I had caught some kid doing something like that to my daughters car those punks would have spent 2-3 weeks in the hospital.

Someone spends THOUSANDS of dollars on a item and you think it’s “petty” that the owners want the PUNKS to pay for the cleaning. I hope you don’t have kids.

Let’s not keep the punishment in context with the “crime”. I think there needs to be a third, impartial, party to make a fair determination of the actual damages; not, a knee-jerk response based on the perceived value of the injured “property”.

Hot water and soap, like I said in the first thread.

To be honest, I don’t really see any remorse expressed in either post. All I see is someone wanting advice on how to get out of this mess as cheaply and quickly as possible.
Note the use of the word “mistake” on the other thread. A mistake is stubbing your toe on the curb or adding a column of figures and jotting down the wrong number. Sneaking over at 3 in the morning to vandalize a 3 month old vehicle is not a “mistake”.
My feeling is that if the OP had not been caught doing this then the OP and friends would still be chuckling over it.

As to any question about whether this was a crime or not then drop by the local police dept., give them the details, and see what they say about it. I’m sure they could clear any murkiness up.
As I mentioned on the other thread, would any of you forgiving let bygones be bygones types be so understanding if it were YOUR 3 month old car that got trashed? Would you be willing to turn your car over for cleanup by the ones who soiled it?

I’m also wondering where the OP’s parents are on this deal; or do they even know what has occurred?

My young friend, you’ve not only messed up a prized possession that this innocent victim worked hard for, you’ve also stolen her sense of safety and security. And you’ve committed a criminal act to do it.

You’ve gotten off easy. Very easy. You are now at the mercy of the young victim and her parents. I seriously dount that she’ll need a new sunroof, but she may need to bring it to the dealership’s body shop (or some other reputable facility) to have the mess properly cleaned and everything put back in order. There may be some disassembly needed. This is the one and only thing I recommend that you suggest to the young lady’s dad, emphasizing that you WILL accept responsibility for the full cost.

Yes, this will hurt. But it’s the only way to set things right. And if the young lady’s father had filed criminal charges, as I might have, you’d not only be responsible for the full cost but you’d have a juvenile record, and you’d probably also be doing some community service.

Count your blessings. And accept responsibility.

There’s no knee-jerk response. The kid ADMITTED he put chocolat and Honey on a persons NEW car. Why does a third party have to get involved in solving this problem if the kid is MAN enough to accept responsibility for what he did. I don’t see ANYTHING the parents are asking for that’s unreasonable. Gee you messed up my daughters car. I want it professionaly cleaned and evaluated. Why is that being “Petty”??

II kind of agree with that. If I were in the original poster’s shoes, I would be on my knees. For what it’s worth, if I wake up and find someone messing with my car, they are in for a little 1-on-1 with a louisville slugger.

wow. Look at ok breaking out w/ the legal jargon. “OP” …Offending Party, right?

…don’t ask me how I know this…

Actually, in terms of a forum like this, it means Original Poster, i.e.–the person who began the thread.

$600 for detailing??? I smell a (punitive) rat here. But you’re not in a position to argue.

Sounds steep to me too, but I think the victim has the right to go wherever they want. In addition, I think the dad’s offer to do it himself was rather generous. I am still wondering what the OP’s parent’s have said. If the OP was my kid, s/he wouldn’t need to come to a forum to get advice.


“Take it like a man!?” " His apparent remorse isn’t great enough!?" “The punishment, meted out/proposed, isn’t great enough!” What does any of this have to do with the question posed of, “How can these substances be removed from a (new) car?”?
There are other web sites dealing with morality, crime and punishment, psychology, and social issues. I was sure that this was an automotive based forum!

I’m starting to smell a Troll . . . anybody else? Rocketman

“Take it like a man!?” " His apparent remorse isn’t great enough!?"

Remorse goes so far. Now he has to PAY for his crime. Not just be sorry and walk away.

The punishment, meted out/proposed

What punishment??? You mean PAYING for what he did. How is that punishment??? Punishment is calling the police and having criminal charges filed.

This one sounds legit to me. Sounds like a young prankster that got himself in a bind and is hoping for a cheap way out. I give him a great deal of credit for his honesty. He’s on his way to becoming a man.