Messy Cars

I have been married half of my life now (28 years) and my car has always been way neater than my husband’s car - the garbage can on wheels as I refer to it. Even hauling four kids around for years does not compare to the mess that my husband’s car has been over the years.

Sounds perfectly normal. Except for the “married 28 years” part. You’ve done better than many of us. Congratulations are in order.

Your husband’s car is his personal space. When he is alone in it he can burp, toss food wrappers on the floor and sing the wrong words out of key to any song playing on the radio.

His car is his mobile castle and the garbage in it is his moat.

You’ve lived with him for 28 years so you should know that.

The car is usually drive is normally a terrible mess.

The car my wife usually drives is a lot worse.

When you go somewhere, just make sure you go in your car and not his. If this is your biggest problem, you are living a blessed life. BTW, my car is spotless and my wife’s van is typically messy - especially the door storage. But it ain’t no big thing.

On today’s show Ray mentioned that it is typical for the wife’s car to be messy.

BTW, I have the best husband in the world!

To each his own. After 28 years I’d think you’d be used to it.

Personally, it bothers me to drive around in a messy car. If there’s trash in the car I clean it out as soon as I get home. But I don’t worry about how others keep their cars.

My wife’s car is way more messy than mine. You’d think she lives in it.

I agree, if this is your biggest marriage problem, you are blessed by God. Too much marital conflict, too much divorce in the world. This is not a problem in the overall scheme of things. Thank God for 28 good years and pray for that many more, dirty car and all.

I tease my wife. When we had our 30th anniversary, I asked her, “Have we been married 30 years today?”

She said, “Yes.”

I said, “It seems so much longer.”

I thought she’d flare up. Instead she thought a minute and agreed.

Many people use a messy, dirty car as a crime deterrent. A thief is more likely to steal or break into a spotless car than a filthy, scratched-up garbage can on wheels. You are not alone in your gripe, though. My sister complains about the same thing with her husband. My ex wife didn’t care how filthy the car was as long as she didn’t have to do anything but drive it wherever she wanted to go. She would rather run the darn thing out of gas than pump gas into it, even with my money.

Congratulations on staying married for so long. It’s uncommon in today’s world for two people to stay dedicated to one another for so long. My time serving on this forum has lasted longer than my marriage. I divorced after a mere two and a half years of marriage because my wife suddenly wanted “variety” that I was unwilling to put up with, if you know what I mean.

Did you post this Mrs McAnick?

It’s OK dear. I love you anyway.

Reminds me of a joke I read awhile back:

An older man was telling people how he’d been married for 50 years and they asked him how he done it.
“Well” he says “On our honeymoon, we went to Rome.”
“Wow, how romantic. What are you going to do for your 50th anniversary?” they ask
"I’m going back there to pick her up." he tells them.

That’s nothing. I have a friend who piles so much garbage in his car that there’s only room for him to sit, and the debris is up to dash level everywhere else. When he turns a sharp corner there’s an avalanche of sorts. I’m far from a neat freak, but I have to stare at it in amazement whenever I see it.

And could someone please tell me how this relates to car repair and maintenance? OP isn’t asking for advice on fixing or maintaining anything. There is not even a question in the post. If you just want a pat on the back or maybe an atta-girl call Oprah or maybe Dr.Phil.

Old Chinese Proverb: “A Glimpse Into A Car’s Interior Is A View Through A Window Of The Owner’s Mind.”


I know a guy that uses “messy car/clean car” in determining who he rents a house too. This character is an objectional human being.

The landlord is an objectionable human being?