Husband too hard on my Jeep


I just bought a 2007 Jeep Wrangler X four months ago. It’s my pride and joy. My problem is my husband. It seems when something doesn’t go his way and he is driving, he shifts way too hard. When I say something he says, " oh that didn’t hurt anything". Please someone tell me what this could do so the next time it happens I can have something to come back with. Thank you


I’m unable to figure out what you’re describing when you say “shifts way too hard”. If he’s shifting aggressively as if he were trying to chirp the tires, then he’s putting unnecessary strain on the drivetrain including (but not limited to) the throwout bearing and clutch assembly. Whether it’s enough to hurt the Jeep is hard to tell without being there.


No he’s not trying to chirp the tires. He’s mad and taking it out on the shifter. He’s done it like twice in my presence. I can only imagine what he does when I’m not in the Jeep. All I can say when he does this is,“that can’t be good”. I don’t know any specifics that I can come back on him with. Thanks for your reply.


If you need something to come back with, try “get the hell out of my car”


I let him have it. Trust me. He just keeps telling me he isn’t hurting anything. I’m no mechanic, so I can’t tell him what he actually is doing to it. That shifter is so easy to shift you can shift with your fingers. He’s using arm and muscle.


There is absolutely no reason for him to be taking out his incipient road rage on your transmission. These are very sturdy transmissions but it sounds like his approach can be hard on the linkage, shifting forks, and synchronizers. If anybody drove one of my Jeeps like that, it would be the last time they drove it.


I came back to this topic to give a more civilized answer, but klrTom beat me to it. He is 100% correct.


And when a transmission problem develops (which it will eventually) then who is he going to point the finger at?
You, the Jeep dealer, Chrysler, and everyone else associated with that vehicle.

This is the type of driving habit that winds up as a complaint about a “faulty vehicle” and “they done sold me a Lemon” because the “trans was junk at 30k miles”.

The first things to go will probably be the synchronizers and part of some gear teeth.

I’m not a marriage counselor so all I can say is that this type of shifting will come back to haunt you down the road.


Two words: Dope Slap


Does the Jeep have a manual or automatic transmission?


Two more words: Anger Management.



… and grow up!


Keep Jeep,get rid of husband!!!


The behavior isn’t the problem, it’s the symptom. Without finding out thw “why” of the anger that’s causing the behavior, you can’t change the behavior.

Sincere best.


Very wise, grasshopper. You must be married.



You got a new Jeep. Now, it’s time to evaluate whether to keep the other. Measured against its flaws, does it have enought redeeming qualities to merit keeping it, or, should you get another model with nicer qualities? //// Oh! Who CARES about the WHY? Does IT?


Was married…past tense. I learned a lot in those 19 years.



marriage counselling on CarTalk!

and i thought my wife was hard on ME!


also, does he drive his own car in the same manner?

if he drives decidedly differently, mention it to him.

some people drive a standard transmission harder than an automatic. this will usually show up in about 6 months when you need a new clutch, or throw out bearings.

let him know that the repairs to YOUR Jeep will be paid for by HIM, not YOU when this happens.

i doubt that chrysler will want to warantee a new clutch (even though it should have a good powertrain warantee) if it’s gone soon.


Nope. I’m not trying to help them find the cause, only suggesting that until they do the behavior won’t change.

Been there. Done that.