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Shifting techniques

My husband drove a standard for years. We have two automatic cars and he will shift from drive to reverse without coming to a complete stop, foot is not on the brake. The car seems to labor at this change in direction and everytime I drive the car that he frequents, I feel that it rolls further forward when placed into park and turned off.

This is VERY hard on the transmission, but I don’t think it would affect how far it rolls before ‘park’ would engage, except that it might also be wearing out the motor mounts, allowing the whole engine/transmission to rock more.

Definitely hard on transmission. Once asked a friend to drive my car for me while I was tired…he pulled the same act. He’ll never get behind the wheel of my car again unless he agrees to buy it.

In Tom and Ray’s book 10 Ways You May Be Ruining Your Car Without Even Knowing It, they say that this is harmful to the whole drivetrain.

The book costs $4.75 at . Perhaps you should buy it for your husband.

p.s. - it’s not good to do this with a manual transmission, either. That’s what brakes are made for!

We can rightly tell you that it is a bad idea and may damage the car.  Now you have to decide what you might want to do with that information.  In some cases, new transmissions are cheaper than a new spouse.

Thank you so much for the information. A new transmission is less expensive than a new husband and I will keep that in mind as I share your comments with him. Thanks again!