How to Valet Lock Trunk on 2019 Optima

Trying for weeks first thru local dealer and then KIA Customer Service to find out how to valet lock trunk on 2019 Optima so vehicle can be transported with contents of trunk secure, only being able to be opened with mechanical key not fob.
Dealer’s service dept was unsure of how to, or if, this can be done. Response from Kia national customer service on case was wrong! Older models had little tab on trunk lock which would disable key fob. Kia Customer Svce rep said has this on 2019 but it does not! Can anyone tell me how to valet lock trunk on the 2019 Optima?

Have you checked your owners manual for this?

I had a brief look at the manual, and valet does not appear in the index. That’s as far as I’m willing to go. I’m not scouring 570 pages of manual because the actual owner won’t.

Of course, that was first thing we did but could not find any info in manual.