How To Stop Toyota Entune Bluetook From Playing Album

I connected the Entune to my cell phone and it keeps trying to play one of the music albums. It appears to be the last album I played a few weeks agowhile agoqI did not tell it to do that dnot

What music app are you using? I think you’ll need to see if that app has a setting to control this. If it’s Spotify, I believe there is no such setting.

Keep in mind that this behavior is what the majority of people want, so you’re in the minority here. You might end up just needing to live with this, although since it takes all of two seconds to stop the music, that really shouldn’t be a major issue.

I’m using the music program that came with the LG phone. All of the music is in the music folders on the phone - nothing external is played.

It takes more than “two seconds” to stop it. First I have to pull over so that I’m not distracted while driving, then I have to go through all the dash Entune display screens until I get to the the one that says to disconnect playing from the phone. And after all of that the next day when I go to my car the “play from phone” has been re-connected.

Maybe that is what the music icon is for on my phone. So many icons so little time. Went for a ride yesterday and grabbed my bob dylan cd case. Went to stick a cd in and the case was empty. Note to self. Just played the radio instead. All of the great 60s folks are in their 80s now.

The phone may be set to “repeat folder” or something.

I’m a little confused here. Can’t you just pause playback, presumably from your steering wheel controls or from the head unit if necessary? (On my Lexus, I’d hold the MODE button for a second or two; perhaps your Toyota is the same.) Maybe I’m wrong, but it sounds like you’re disconnecting the Bluetooth connection instead. Why do you do that?

Yes, I am disconnecting the Bluetooth play (not the calls) because that’s the only way I saw to stop this from happening.

Using the MODE button to stop the playing is news to me. That’s not written in the very minimal documentation that exists for the version of Entune in my car. I’ll try it and see what happens.

I’d still bet it the music app settings doing this, and has nothing to do with entune or Bluetooth.

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This is the default Music app that came with phone and has almost no settings. By the made, pressing MODE did not stop the music but did turn on the radio.

Two audio sources playing at the same time?

The mode button should change from Bluetooth audio to FM. Press and hold the mode button to switch off the audio.