Audi a4 2009 Radio turn on and off everyt 15 seconds


when I turn on the Radio , or the thing that connect to a channel , to play music from your phone , the radio will work for 15 seconds and then stop , after 5 second it will turn back on and repeat the same process forever , if some one can help me

Did you read your owner manual?

Look at Settings/ Apps for the application you are using. You might have to adjust the battery to allow background activity. I had a similar problem with Google play music.

This is just a shot in the dark, but bizarre and transitory electronic problems are frequently a symptom of a failing alternator.

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And how do you adjust a battery ?


It sounds like you’re having problems with Bluetooth? Have you tried a different phone? There might be an issue with pairing. It’s also possible the Bluetooth transponder is faulty. A good shop that knows Audi’s or a car audio shop might be able to help.

its not the bluetooth , the regular radio do the same problem ,


Okay then, that sounds like a power problem. Something in the radio is cutting out. From your description it doesn’t sound like the radio is shutting off, the sound is just cutting out. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Maybe an intermittent fault caused by heat as it warms up. Have a car audio shop look at it.

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