2018 Toyota Camry - Entune troubles

I own a 2018 Camry. I can say it was difficult to figure out Entune 3.0 and Toyota isn’t much help. One can download all of their music on to a thumb drive and use it on Entune 3.0. In order to do that, one would have to change the source to USB. If you want to use the voice activated system, you would click the button that looks like someone is speaking. Ask to play Doobie Brothers. It will start playing.
If you want to use Bluetooth from your Android phone. Make sure you change the source to Bluetooth. Click the button that looks like a phone, (do not push the one that looks like someone is speaking) wait for the beep and say “play the Doobie Brothers from my library”. The music should start playing using Google Play music app. Also if you want to ask Google anything like play my last test message. Again, push the button that looks like a phone and wait for the beep. Than ask read my last text message. If you want to send a message push the button that looks like a phone and say ‘send a text message to John Doe’, Google will prompt you for more information. It took me 4 hours of phone calls with Toyota and they were unable to help. Also if one reads the the manual 2018 Camry HV Nav System that will explain how stuff works. Once I figured this out, it is very easy to use. The only thing I do not like about Entune 3.0 is that sometimes at random the Bluetooth disconnects for no reason, than reconnects. Toyota has no answer on that and I bought a Galaxy S9 that they claim is supposed to work, but it does the same as the Galaxy S8. Hope this helps.

It looks like you are answering some other post. In any case…Of all the vehicles I have tested, the ones that require you to download a custom app to make them work are the worst (in terms of infotainment). I can’t recommend brands anymore not compatible with Android Auto. Makes no sense.

So the instruction are in the manual but Toyota was of no help? Who supplied the manual? Henry Ford?

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I certainly hope for the safety of everyone on the road around you as well as yourself that you aren’t trying to do all these infotainment manipulations while driving, especially as it apparently is so distractingly complicated.

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Pressing a steering wheel button and speaking a voice command seems to be less distracting than changing a cassette tape in an Oldsmobile.

My comment was mostly directed at the distracting complications of texting the OP detailed. But then ANY texting while driving is a dangerous distraction.

It would be best if the driver did not speak while driving (verbal text) but this has been going on for years.

I’ve read this twice and I’m not sure I understand. Do you have a question or are you just complaining?

On the bright side, Toyota and Lexus are finally getting around to adding Android Auto and CarPlay, so for many people this won’t be an issue after those cars roll out.

There are many complaints about the Toyota’s Etune system. They finally have Apple CarPlay, so that helps. Many people have pulled out the ETune systems and installed an aftermarket system. Only thing you loose is the car settings. Everything else is there (backup camera, steering wheel controls…all work).