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How to Sell a Non-Standard Quasi-Antique Car

I want to sell two cars that doesn’t fit any of the “standard” criteria so I don’t know how to price or market them. There are no car clubs for these models of car that I can find. None of the pricing guidelines for sources like Hemmings or BBB go back far enough. It’s sort of antique but not really (1965/1979). Guys on the street Oh and Ah over them all the time, so they must have some value. The dealer offered to “take it off my hands”. How do I determine a price and the best place to market a '79 Subaru STD/ and '65 Checker Marathon in very good condition?

Find forums for each of these, ask around there;
Check final bid values on ebay ('completed items);
Once you get prices in mind post ads on Hemmings, Craigslist, or auction on ebay with appropriate reserve price.

p.s. - my first reaction to ‘quasi-antique’ was “they’re not THAT old”, but that '65 Checker is 35 years old. In 1965, I sure would have called a 1930 car an “antique”…

Having been in a similar position before, my advice is to take those admiring oos and ahhs with a grain of salt. Having people who appreciate your ride is one thing, separating them from their money to buy them is an altogether different situation. Lots of people will express an interest in YOUR efforts to preserve the past. But they aren’t willing to spend one dime to do so themselves. This is why car shows thrive- the window shopping mentality.

Selling price requires a lot more insight into your motivation. If you’re in a hurry versus could care less if they sell or not, do you have to maximize the sale price or are you willing to go lower if the person who buys it is excited about caring for your “baby” and so on. The approach you take to valuation has as much to do with what you envision as finding a willing buyer.

Ladies, wanna check out my STD? I’ve had it since 1979…

I don’t think you’ll have much info on the Subaru as an antique or classic car.

The Checker is another story, that will have some value and is collectable. There must be some “Checker Motors” car clubs and forums on the web. Google “Checker Cars” or Checker Motors and see what you search turns up.

Shhhhh! I was hoping to take the Checker off his hands for a fraction of what it is worth! :wink:

List the Subaru on craigslist and take what you can get… Take some decent pictures of the Checker, list it on e-Bay and you will get what it is worth.