How to search for a phrase in a single thread?

Hopefully there’s a simple way, but I can’t seem to find it. Say I want to find all occurrences of the phrase “check for spark” in a 25 post thread. If I type control-F while viewing the thread, that brings up a search box ok, but it only searches the posts I’m able to see on the page at that time, not the entire thread.

Have you tried the search box in the upper right hand corner below the solid red header just to the left of the menu that is beside your info???

There is an advanced search menu to the right of the X also once above is done…

Spot on. I didn’t realize that after clicking the forum search icon, I then have to click the icon underneath “Search in this topic”.

I’ve used google for song lyrics. Amazing with just a few words and seems to find what I’m looking for. No milk today, etc., so I think maybe just bypass cartalk and go to the browser.

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