How to retain top screen functionality after installing aftermarket head unit

So I have a 2014 Honda Accord and I’ve found myself doing hobbies on the car lately. My last endeavor didn’t turn out as expected. I installed a Kenwood double din head unit (no nav) and to my surprise I found myself losing all functionality to my original stock screen. The stock monitor basically showed my current MPG etc/plus music.

My main Q is there a way to have the top monitor track the MPG as usual while the aftermarket handles all my music entertainment?

here are photos. In one of the pictures you can tell the top screen is ON but doing nada. Any ideas?

On my Mazda there was an added interface made by PAC (RP-MZ11) that fixed this problem. Go to Crutchfield’s site and put your make and model and see if you wanted to buy a similar unit, what accessories you need.