HELP! CLUTCH ISSUES! - 2005 Scion tC

I need help diagnosing whether my clutch went bad or my slave or master cylinder went bad. So the car drove perfectly fine all day, went to work, came home, perfect. I went to go sell it after i got home from work, drove the car to meet up with the guy purchasing. The car started to act real funny, clutch pedal got really loose and it was like the car didnt want to go into gear. Would rev really high with no acceleration, i finally got it to where i was meeting the guy and it wouldnt move at all after being started again. He tried to help the best he could but couldnt figure it out either. The car can be put into gear without stalling after releasing the clutch, also with the car off i can freely move the shifter into any gear i want. I was thinking its definitely the clutch, but the other guy swears its either the slave or master cylinder. I opened up the clutch/brake fluid looked inside and it was full of debris. IF ANYONE CAN HELP IT WILL BE MUCH APPRECIATED!!! Thank you!

Bring your car to an independant mechanic ASAP.

Garbage in the clutch fluid is a bad sign. I’d suggest replacing both the clutch master. Flush the fluid through the slave. If you can’t get it to work at that point, then replace the slave.