How to replace inner tie rod end?

Is this an easy job to do on an 89 Honda Accord? Are any special tools needed? Can it be done with just a hand jack to get the wheel off? Thanks.

A special tool is needed to remove the inner tie rod from the steering rack. You may be able to rent one, but I’ve had mixed results with rental tools and their condition and quality. Some are pretty beat up before I get a chance to rent them.

I can’t tell you anything about the inner tie rod (sorry) - but I can say that you can get the car up with the hand jack but MUST put it on jack stands before you try to do any work on it. Jack stands can be had most anywhere for not a lot of money. Go without them and you’ll be lucky if the car is the only thing to suffer serious damage.

Here’s the special tool required.

Now you have raise and support the vehicle safely in order to use the special tool.


I believe on this particular model (I also have an '89 Accord) that the entire power steering rack actually has to be removed to replace the inner tie rod ends (which is why I just replaced the outers even though I need new inners as well)

The inner tie rods can be replaced without removing the steering rack with the special tool. I’ve replaced a few in my day.