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How to repair a bumper

Here is a tip for repairing a bumper. I hit a big coyote on the driver side front bumper and it ripped it apart. So… rather than get the bumper replaced properly and a 240 dollar deductible, I decided to call my buddy Jimbo Bob and he used E-Poxy and Plexiglass from Home Depot to fixer-up. Enjoy.

Here’s the work up.

I have never heard of a $240 deductible.

Did I spell it wrong?

In an insurance policy, the deductible (also known as ‘excess’ in some countries, especially the United Kingdom) is the portion of any claim that is not covered by the insurance provider. It is the amount of expenses that must be paid out of pocket before an insurer will cover any expenses.

Oldtimer is referring to the amount. Here in the U.S. deductable amounts are generally available in $500 increments. One can have a $500 deductable, a $1000, a $1500, etc.

You may or may not be aware that your bumper is covered by an ABS “skin” that’s a bolt-off bolt-on replacable part. It’s a DIY replacement.

I agree, mountainbike.

Even ‘flat shop black’ would look better than that ‘packing tape special’

If (as implied, but not stated), OP is in Britain, then the parts are pretty expensive. If he cannot afford the 240 deductible (and the increase in premiums due to a claim), then the replacement is out of the question.

There’s no front license plate, and the blue car in the distance is too blurred for me to identify. Could be anywhere. Looks aren’t all that important to some…drivability and the ability to pass any inspection are.


Surely they have salvage yards in the UK?

They do, but the parts are still expensive. Granted a blue bumper cover may look better, but it’s still money. Gas alone was (last time I was there) about $8 per gallon.

OP didn’t state the year, however it looks fairly new to me. there may not be that many in the yards around him, and the one’s that are there may be front end damaged.

This is all guesswork, really, for me. I remember trying to keep my cars on the road while I was stationed in the UK, and with my parents in the UK. It was tough. Lots of expensive stuff, and not a lot of money to throw at it.


This Technique Would Be Improved By Placing The “Band-Aides” On The Back Side Of The Fascia, Rather Than The Front Surface.


I agree…drastically improved. Also a lot more work involved. Depends on what he was after. Clearly a perfect repair wasn’t it.


Send this into Jay Leno for inclusion in one of his blue collar fix up job bits.

I thought they ate the last coyote in the UK about 200 years ago. The OP was driving in the UK and hit a coyote? sure it was not someone’s dog? By the way he describes that car (impact on the drivers side,that is a US ,or non-UK car)

I did say guesswork. The US isn’t the only country in the world where they have both coyotes and left hand drive vehicles. It’s not even the only one where English is the primary language.

And just because it’s the drivers side on this particular car, doesn’t mean it was a British car on a British road. there are plenty of American (and European) cars in Britain and elsewhere. If it’s one of those, then the parts are even more rare and expensive.

Could be anywhere. He didn’t say, and I was only providing plausible reasons to explain questionable facts…specifically the $240 deductible.

We don’t know, and until he pipes up, we won’t know for sure.

Home Depot has no stores in the UK. You sure are spending a lot of energy implying things that are not in evidence and rationalizing based on nothing. Why the intense defense?

I am not so sure English is the primairy language here in Tucson, but I know we have coyotes.

Surely this must be a joke - a few weeks behind April Fools day

He did say the damage was the drivers side and judging by the curb in the picture he is either in the US or parked on the wrong side of the road, then we have the coyote thing. I would be calling this a US picture until shown otherwise.

BINGO… you should work for the cia.