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How to repair a bumper

No this is real. I hit the SOB in Spokane WA doing 75 mph… either a big coyote or a big freaking wolf. Anyways… Farmer insurance gave a 240 deductible. But I’m too cheap to spend the money so I rigged a fix up. I do not live in Spokane, I am down here in the SouthWest now.

Honda Accords are very popular cars. Check the bone-yards for them, and you could probably find a white one with a ‘slightly blemished’ or better bumper cover. IIRC, these things can be popped off easily with hand tools.

If you stick around you will find that there is a lot of “figuring out” that needs to be done. Some of the worst are people posting about how some shop is responsible for damage when the story they tell about how it happened just does not add up.