How to make sure Carshield covers a major engine oil leak

If these are not legitimate business, why doesn’t the Federal Trade Commision take action against them?

And read the fine print! Did that once, 5 year 50k miles they said on a 2017 bought in 2020, Aug 2022 needed a window switch fixed, sorry warranty is based on the manufacture date of the car which was April 2017. Sure I bitched up a storm, got me nowhere, though the salesman who had sold the Wrap Around policy with insufficient explanation had been terminated a year previous and they don’t do that anymore. $1200 down the tubes! $1400 bought the extended warranty for the Toyota near the end of our lease, called the shop for a question, they said bumper to bumper till 2027, 100k miles. 25k on the 2017 so looking good. Need to rotate tires once every 5k and oil change once a year to maintain warranty. Fine with me.

The powertrain warranty is based on the in-service-date, not the bumper-to-bumper warranty. This is not in the fine print; it is shown in the promotion;

CPO vehicles can have a 12 month/12,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty.

A failed window switch would not qualify as a powertrain failure.

Typical of those who don’t understand the warranty coverage.

Bro bought a used car and had 30 days to say yes/no to warranty. He had motor issue after 3 weeks and asked dealer if it would be covered and answer was yes so he bought warranty and got new motor. He worked in sales and it was his work car so he was compensated by work anyway.

Because they DO cover what is printed in the brochure. So it is legal. Many are convinced that this coverage is worth it and buy it. People buy Amazon extended warranties on cheap appliances, too.

Circuit City’s business model was to profit off the extended warranty instead of the product sale. We see what THAT plan got them!

P. T. Barnum said there’s a sucker born every minute… what better proof does one need?


Which means there would be a strong incentive to sell products which last past the warranty period!

Heh, heh, Circuit City offered “Free Installation ” on car audio systems. So I bought everything somewhere north of $400 and scheduled the install on my car, OEM system had died.
Then had second thoughts, took it back the next day and returned everything.
Their free installation was from huge markup on required adapters.
Went to my local biz box store, the adapters CC was charging $50 for were $10.
Did the install myself, less than $200.

Years ago bought a new laptop from Best Buy, they offered a setup and removal of junk ware for an additional $50, the only thing removed was $50 from my pocket.

Not hard with electronics. I have a plasma flat screen that is 20 years old. A stereo receiver that is 40 years old. An extended warranty on electronics is a sucker bet.

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They didn’t remove Norton (Symantec)?

They removed nothing. I went in and removed some of the junk, same on my phone.
Still get spam emails from Norton.

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How do you know the arbitrator is biased? They aren’t employed by the car manufacturers or dealers. They are independent contractors hired by a third-party administrator to conduct a fair and neutral hearing. They have no interest in who wins the case.

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Sure fair and neutral is how it’s supposed to be. Some probably are.

why does that bother you in this instance? OP is looking for input, and shared a link for someone to offer assistance. If they hadn’t posted the link, you’d likely be butthurt that they didn’t.
This isn’t a spam post, as this OP is a regular here. I don’t see an issue with the link shared.

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I wouldn’t buy one of these plans and I wouldn’t hire the accident lawyer or the dentist all advertising non-stop on daytime tv. Stupid people will be stupid. If the arbitrators though operate the same as administrative law judges, they have to be careful in their rulings or they won’t get hired again. When you pick one, you want to,pick one that has been biased for the defense because more than likely will now need to rule for the plaintive this time. It’s a club and a racket, not much to do with actual law. Or so it seems to me in this day and age. I try to avoid needing either and stay out of court.

Car repair insurance definitely seems like a good idea. If a middle-class family could budget a certain amount to guarantee they can keep their car on he road an safe, that could be a very good financial risk-management technique. Otherwise when the car you need to get to work stops working and you are presented with a $12,000 estimate, puts a family behind the eight ball. Like everything else covered by insurance, whether it is a good financial decision or not, it all depends on the details.

One idea gov’t could offer these plans, cut out the middle man and take advantaage of efficiency of scale … . hmmm … is this the same gov’t that forces a modern-design fuel efficient car off the road, forcing owner to drive a 50 year old gas guzzler instead? … hmmm . maybe better rethink that idea … lol …

You don’t need an insurance company to do this. If this type of coverage costs $100 per month (and I am just making this number up, have not looked into it) then just put the money into a bank account, and when the car needs maintenance/repairs/eventual replacement, then you should have money available to cover the cost…with no insurance company BS. Unless you drive a total lemon, or fail to properly care for the car (in which case insurance would deny the claim anyways), you should come out ahead.


In the real-world people would rather finance the service contract into the vehicle loan, pay the additional $100 each month and have the coverage from the beginning.

If the OP’s rear main seal leak occurred 6 months after purchase, he would have $600 saved to pay for a $1000 repair. What about the next repair?

I have no use for a vehicle service contract but for my mother who lived 1800 miles away, I wouldn’t mind paying $3000 for the security.

When someone posts a question; the transmission failed @ 85,000 miles, how do I get a free repair from the dealer? No one advises to use the money save by not purchasing the extended warranty.

Meh, ever notice how many people void their OEM warranties by failure to do routine checks and maintenance then say they will never buy XYZ brand again?


I have a Kenwood Nine-G, a Pioneer SX-980, and a Yamaha R-300, all of which need some sort of repair for which a service plan migjt benefit me. The only unit I have that works fine is a JC Penney MCS 3233!

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I’m still using a Pioneer SX 727 and Utah speakers circa 1973. Haven’t needed any repairs yet!