How to make sure Carshield covers a major engine oil leak

Carshield says that they don’t cover leaks except for Diamond and Platnum plans. In an unrelated issue, we also found out that they also don’t cover faulty ABS due to rusted wheel hubs on a 7 year old RAM. But they do cover internally lubricated engine components, but the rear main seal is not in the list of these parts. The rear main seal is rapidly failing and the vehicle will soon no longer be drivable. It’s been 1300 miles since it was taken in for an oil change and the oil is below the dipstick already.

Kind of looks like a critical engine component has failed and they won’t cover it. It there a way to have this be considered an internally lubricated engine component? What if it isn’t fixed and the engine blows up despite 3000 mile oil changes? Will they have to replace the whole engine then?

I know after this the next best thing is to tell them to switch to a warranty company that does not advertise on TV.

Looks like just about everything is not covered:

Since you seem to know everything why are you asking here . It is common knowledge that after market warranties are a waste of money 90 % of the time.


Carshield now has a justification for denying coverage. Oil should never be allowed to go this low.


Then it seems like the only covered situation would be if the main seal blows out and ruins the engine between manfacturer required oil level checking.

I noticed that the Platinum plan covers “rear main seal housing”. Not the rear main seal.

Why are you posting a link to Car Sheild ?

Why would you let the oil level get that low? That’s a bad idea.


It is pretty easy to identify that a continuing, unrepaired oil seal leak is the cause of a destroyed engine. The evidence is all under the vehicle from the rear of the engine back. A greasy sticky mess. One look and it becomes a big fat NO coverage.

That would be dumb. Since you know the car leaks oil, check it regularly and add as needed. The engine can run forever leaking oil, as long as you check and add as needed.

Please look at the owner’s manual and tell me how often it says to check the oil level.


I’m still waiting to find out “How to make sure Carshield covers a major oil leak”.
Are you ever going to tell us !? Or are you just going to complain about something we all already know? Aftermarket Extended warranties SUCK !

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I just might spend a sleepless night while I await his revelation.

You should have purchased the service contract that suits your needs, don’t try to change the definition of “Internally Lubricated Parts”.

The plan you purchased costed less than the Diamond or Platinum plans and does not cover seals or gaskets. If the lest expensive plan covered the same components as the premium plans, why would anyone buy the Diamond plan?

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Uh, maybe motor Will fail in a way that IS covered. Stuff happens.

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I would like to call attention to the wording used in the contract for the Platinum plan. They say rear main seal housing, not the seal itself. It’s as if they’re trying to confuse people in to thinking that seals are covered while specifically excluding the rear main seal.

I’m not sure what plan the vehicle is on. But it seems like all their plans exclude the rear main seal.

What for ? Just remove your link to Car Shield .

Trying to defend carshield’s are you? I think the link to all the things that Carshield doesn’t cover should stay right where it is.

Their basic plan covers almost none of the typical problems that make a vehicle break down. I do wonder about Carshied and a problematic CVT though. It might be worth buying it at 80k miles just before the typical C.V. transmission failure period begins.

The sample Platinum plan I found lists “seals and gaskets related to the engine and head gasket” in the second sentence.

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How to make sure you are not scammed by an extended warranty plan. Don’t buy one.


Easiest way to cover minor and major oil leaks is Fuller’s earth😀

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Let’s not kid ourselves here. Everyone knows that these aftermarket “vehicle protection plans” are basically a scam, and you would be better off to put the money into a bank account to pay for maintenance/repairs/eventual vehicle replacement. The ONLY type of extended warranty I would ever consider purchasing is one underwritten by the vehicle manufacturer itself, and sold with a new or CPO car. Anything else, I wouldn’t consider at any price.

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And there’s an arbitration agreement in the Carshield contract. The arbitrator has a bias toward the defendant since they provide the business. Lots of companies are doing this now.