How to make sure Carshield covers a major engine oil leak

My receiver is a Pioneer SX 6.

You’re never going to tell us, are you?
I guess we’ll just have blindly accept you have the knowledge to change the terms after the fact.
Yeah Right :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:

As a guy who used to administrate a warranty program, the OP is just plain out of luck. Redefining what a part is to get warranty coverage just doesn’t work - and I’m confident the courts will see this the same way I do.


I see that they consider the engine seals to be external parts, like spark plugs. The only way is to have the seal suddenly blow out and ruin the engine, or to have the platinum or diamond plan. Could have them upgrade to platinum and then file a claim next year when it gets to the point where it is undrivable with a quart lost between refuelings.

Aftermarket warranties are high profit items, that is why the sell them. They have or incentive to make you happy like the car company does. The car company at least wants to sell you another car.

These warranties are full of exclusions that are rigorously enforced. If you read and ub\ndestood the warranty before you bought it you would never have purchased it.

No onws warranty is going to cover an engine that blew up because it had no oil in it.

I would say you have learned an expensive lesson, but I am not sure you have learned anything yet.

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This warranty may have cost the equivalent of one paycheck and still offers the coverage listed in the contract, this is not a $75,000 mistake. He can pay for the replacement of the rear main seal, this is not the end of the world.