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How to maintain after the manual stops listing instructions?

I have a 2013 Toyota Corolla. I’m maintaining it according to the manual. I hope to keep it for a long time.

I see when reading the manual that the instructions for 6-month interval maintenance stop at 120,000 miles/144 months. There is nothing after that. But Corollas can last upwards of 200K miles.

What do you do at this point when there are no more maintenance instructions? Return to an earlier point in the maintenance instructions and repeat?

Yes. Use the intervals as outlined up to 120K and do the services when the same amount of miles have accumulated in between servicing. Oil, belts, coolant, transmission fluid, brake fluid, etc. all have their standard intervals til the cows come home.

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Yup. Start over at page one and repeat.

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Concur, for each, use the last interval that applied prior to the 120 k mile/144 month cutoff going beyond that point.

That should be the minimum interval to consider for routine maintainance past 120K miles. If you want to up your odds of keeping your Corolla trouble free well into its senior citizen age, more frequent att’n is advised. Especially for the transmission and engine oil and filter change-outs.

I have a 20+ year old, 200K + miles Corolla still going strong and change the oil and filter every 4-5 K now. When it was a newer car I changed it at 5-7 k. I change-out the coolant every 2 years now, while as a newer car I changed it at 3 years. Well, you get the idea.