Maintenance Schedule

My car has 135,000 miles on it. All the maintenance schedules only go up to 100,000 miles. Should I follow the schedule like the car only has 35,000 miles on it…in otherwords, start over? i have a 99 toyota corolla…thank you for reading!

That’s what I would do. Maintenance is based on time passed (like 6 months for an oil change) or mileage - whichever comes first. So, starting all over again with the maintenance schedule would be a good idea.

You begin from the beginning again.
In fact, some maintenance schedules have a notation to this effect.

Check what items are required each X miles. So if something was required at 60,000 miles, then it’ll be needed at 120,000 miles, for example.

You can download a new maintenance manual for your 1999 Corolla here:

It goes up to 120,000 miles. After that, follow texases advice.

You gots it