100K Mile Preventive Maintenance Checklist



Does anyone have a good checklist for 100K Mile Preventive Maintenance? I go to a great mechanic, but I’m wondering if there’s a fluids/filters/belts/plugs etc. checklist I should look at to keep my 98 Toyota Corolla running strong for another 5-10 years. The car is my “Firehouse Hoop-Dee” and is great for my daily commute to the firehouse. I’m not worried about cosmetics since my firehouse is in a “less-than-stellar” neighborhood.


Your owner’s manual should have all the things necessary at that mileage. Your mechanic will be able to do all these things.

If you don’t have a manual, buy a Haynes book for your car; it has most of the maintenance items in it.

Flushing the cooling sytem is a prime task, as is changing the transmission fluid and filter, if automatic.

If the car has a timing belt, it should be replaced as well.


As Doc said, everything that you need to know is contained in the Owner’s Manual–but in case this is one of those situations where you don’t have a manual, here is my list, which may be a bit more comprehensive than Toyota’s list. However, if you really want to keep the car running reliably for 5-10 more years, then you really may need to do more than the mfr recomends.

Change ALL fluids, including transmission, coolant, and brake fluid. If your mechanic wants to change the PS fluid, that is not a bad idea also.
Change all filters, including the one in the transmission.
Replace the spark plugs and the plug wires.
Replace the PCV valve.
Change the timing belt–if not already done within the last 90k miles/7 years (whichever comes first). If you are changing the timing belt, also have your mechanic replace the serpentine belt, all belt tensioners, and the water pump.


What does your maintenance schedule say? It should have come packaged with your owner’s manual.

I believe the major services are done in 30,000 mile increments, so you should have done some major items at 90,000 miles, which would mean nothing major should be due until 120,000 miles.

What is the service history of this vehicle?


“Does anyone have a good checklist for 100K maintenance?”

Well, if you still have the original owner’s manual then YOU have a good checklist for maintenance, regardless of mileage.

Read and follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. It’s better than anyone else’s schedule.


As an add-on to all the other good advice, let me suggest that you get the car up on a lift and have a good look-see with a good work light. Also do the same under the hood.

I myself have kept vehicles for way past the normally expected lifespan, and I’ve found over the years that you can find many things not obvious during routine maintenace that if addressed early do not become serious. Aged bushing and mounts, rust holes beginning in floorboards, brake lines no longer securely held due to rusted brakets that if left untended could become line failures. Cracking coolant hoses. Even minor leaks that can be caught before they become noticable.

I know it sounds common-sense basic, but it seems that few people do it. So I thought I’d mention it.

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It all depends what has been performed before.

The only thing I will suggest regardless is change your automatic transmission fluid.


If you are getting the transmission fluid changed get Toyota specific fluid, not Dextron with an additive pack.