How to lock car while running

Does anyone know if I can lock my car with a separate key, while it is running, to de-ice it in winter? I have tried the dealer and am awaiting a call back from an onsite Honda site!!

Yes. Start the car, get out, close the door, and insert your spare key in the lock and. . lock it :wink:

I second that motion

Experiment, different cars, different techniques.

My 06 Escape hybrid will not let you push the lock button then close the door. The computer unlocks it.
But to close the door first, then use the remote to lock it, works.

I’ve found on mine that I can either leave the main key in it and lock it manually with the valet key, or leave the valet key in it and lock it using the key FOB.

Whenever I need to leave my dog in the car (and need to keep the A/C running), I place an anti-theft device on the steering wheel, and use a spare car key to lock the door while the other key is in the ignition. This doesn’t work on my mother’s Sienna, which has power locks and prevents you from locking the keys in the car while they are in the ignition, deliberately or otherwise.

I knew a girl who had a 1997 Mercury Tracer. She thought she would be clever like this. so she removed the key from her keychain to start the car and leave it running. She took the keyfob remote unlock thing with her and locked the door behind her. Then she realized that the key fob didn’t work, I do not recall how we solved that problem, but I know it did not run out of gas. Anyway, in the owners manual it said that the remote only worked when the engine was off. I would assume that if you had a second key you could start it and close the door behind you locking it from outside, as others have stated.

Maybe try it out with a window down enough to reach into, or with a partner inside not touching anything.

How stupid of me! My bad! I have tried locking the doors by pushing the door lock and using the remote key. Never gave a thought to manually inserting extra key into outside lock. Modern technology made me forget the old fashioned way of opening car door!!

This behavior [remote inhibit when key on] varies from year to year. Many Ford/Mercury/Lincoln have exterior code pads that can be used to lock and unlock the car. These always work, engine running or not.

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That would not work on my Ford, it would simply unlock itself. I have to lock the door before starting the car (leaving it ajar) then start the car & close the door. Then use my spare key to unlock it

True. But the OP has a CRV, which is Honda. :wink:

very true, I know someone who had a Taurus that had the exterior number pad, she still talks about it, says every car in America should have it.

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It’s a really good way to insure that you are never locked out of your car. I consider it a must have feature.

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The main problem with doing it this way is that if someone decides to break the window or even use a slim jim to get in and be gone with your car (which can be quicker then you think… you can literally be staring at the car and they can get in and drive off before you even get to your front door).

Personally I’d invest in a cheap remote start only system. Might have to get a bypass module for certain cars though, but it’s still usually somewhat affordable for just the plain remote start only… It’s more affordable then having to replace the whole car or hoping comprehensive will give you enough to get another car (especially equivalent car)… That way if someone does try to break in, they’re literally gonna get nowhere because the steering wheel will still be locked, the shifter will still be locked, and if they press on the brake pedal (if installed correctly), it’ll shut off the whole car/engine anyways.

Just my two cents… Locking the car from the outside with the keys in the ignition is like having your garage closed from the outside, but having the remote to open it inside your unlocked car ---- Useless.

People I find the answer to all those having problems trying to lock their car while running that keep unlocking for what ever way you tried the system read the driver door open the back door reach up in the front and lock all the doors close the back door problem solve.